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Designing sites for iPads – the Homer Simpson Issue

Bad UX design for iPad forgets one fundamental thing. The Homer Simpson Issue.

Like a lot of user experience design this is a matter of common sense. But then there are a lot of people out there who may have a degree or two and years of experience but are still lacking in the common sense. You know the type.

Anyway when I am asked to carry out a user experience design process one of the first things I do is talk to the graphic designers and see what they are thinking in terms of creative.

And when the site is being optimised for iPad I quite often find that they have forgotten the Homer Simpson Issue.


Now Homer has fat fingers (and everything else but that’s why we love him). Most people have normal size fingers.

But even when normal size fingers need to start stabbing away at site navigation on an iPad they quite often find that there simply is not enough space between the navigation components to accurately stab the right thing.


So all you need to do is make sure there is lots of nice space between your nav buttons.

And then your iPad stabbing experience will be blissful.