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Mixing emotion and statistics to tell the data story

It is rare to get a press release that has everything needed to tell a story, let alone a data story.

A few weeks back I noticed an interesting data story from Barnardo’s UK in a local newspaper in sarf lunnun (or South London if you don’t speak the East End patois).

Getting in touch with Dan at Barnardo’s I soon had a press release with real facts in, a cracking model released image and some interesting data.

Even data references! How unusual is that?

Below is the result of my work.

barnados graphic 01-02

The image was a little too tight for my liking so had to use context-sensitive fill in Photoshop and more than a little retouching to give myself a few more valuable pixels on the right hand side.

At the same time I wanted the typography and data to intrude onto the boy’s image.

I tried various styles of bar chart, most of them very slight variations on the finished result, the main option being a yellow key line around the ’81 families in Tower Hamlets’ bar.

Barnardo’s liked what I had done and it helped to get the reality of life behind statistics out there.

Here is the story on my hyperlocal site Love Wapping.


Social media traffic drivers map



When starting a new piece of user experience work the most common mistake is to start looking at the specific device / website / application without pausing to consider the totality of the user experience. People do not use websites or apps or mobile gadgets in isolation anymore. Years ago maybe but not now.

To try and get people to think more broadly I create this type of schematic which I term a ‘universe map’. This example shows where social media traffic will enter the main client sites and from there the exact nature of the user expectations when coming from that site.

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Web universe map


I find most clients find this sort of high level view of their ‘web universe’ to be very useful. Its puts their own site into perspective and often flags up issues which they had not previously considered.

This project had a particular emphasis on mobile usage. It would make more sense if it was not redacted but it is.

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