Web content creation

Love Wapping

In 2012 I created Love Wapping, a hyperlocal site for a small part of the East End of London. For a variety of reasons this has grown organically to be a key news source for the whole of Tower Hamlets and has followers across the UK and worldwide.

I research, design and create all content for Love Wapping including news, analysis, comments, graphics, photography and video. The main web content platform is supported by Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Content skills:

·       Writing news, features & analysis ·       SEO optimisation
·       Subbing ·       Twitter
·       Adobe Photoshop ·       Facebook
·       Adobe Acrobat ·       Community management
·       Adobe Illustrator ·       Comment moderation
·       Creation of graphic assets ·       WordPress
·       Creation of tables & diagrams ·       HTML & Markdown
·       Photography ·       Data extraction from PDFs
·       Video & audio recording ·       Site metrics
·       Video & audio edit (Premiere, Audition) ·       Google Analytics

I have also undertaken a significant amount of data analysis and visualisation work while publishing Love Wapping, much of the source data being extracted from large volumes of CSV and PDF files:

Web sites, intranets, extranets and more

During my digital career I have worked on a wide variety of content platforms from consumer and B2B web sites big and small via intranets, extranets and applications. While technology continues to change the demand by users for high quality engaging content remains constant.

The intended audience and publication platform will determine the precise way in which content is created and delivered be that a straightforward text story, a bar chart or a D3 visualisation.

The majority of my Information Architecture work normally starts with a content audit as there is no way to know what content you need to create unless you are aware of what you already have. Sounds obvious but a simple mistake often made. Information Architecture and content are intrinsically linked.

Big Brother 1999 – 2000

At Victoria Real in Brighton I was the Executive Producer for the first Big Brother UK site for Channel 4 and Endemol. The core design and production team for this unique project consisted of 25 permanent staff. As the load on the site increased and Big Brother became a media phenomenon the team grew to the extent that at peak I headed a team of just over 100 people in three different countries from a variety of companies.

The significance of the online streaming of Big Brother five years before the advent of YouTube is described in this article by Mark Lawson which was the front page lead of the Media Guardian: “So, where were you when Nasty Nick was kicked out of Big Brother?” .

Hyperlocal, data driven journalism, data visualisation, UXD.

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